Stealthy Share

The application that gives you hope of recovery if you lost your phone or had your loved one abducted. Install remotely and get user's details when the user clicks the app icon. It is however strongly recommended you install and activate directly before your phone is stolen. For help on activation if you just lost your phone, send us an email

Ààbò ỌmOòduà.

Ààbò ỌmOòduà is a Security Notification and Management Tool designed for South Western States in Nigeria. It is a social network and Community Policing app to create security/safety awareness and social order. 

Fún àtìlehìn Operation Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn. Install for free, add as many people as care about you to friends list. They will be alerted when you call for help in emergency. You'll be required to share the application with them so they can receive your alerts. Operation Àmọ̀tẹ́kùn will receive all alerts with precise location when terminals are set up.


1. See user's location on map, see user's face and see Device/SIM info. 

2. Pro users will have ads removed and will be able to track their device by scanning the tracking QR code from another device

Life Game

Life Game is a Quiz App designed for the family entertainment and education in the Word of God. Most Games we play today rob us of precious times. Life Game tests your knowledge of the Word of God and challenges you to make up if found wanting. You may gainfully engage your family members, fellowship and Church members with Life Game for free. This app was created and distributed for free in memory of the late Bishop Kola Onaolapo whose legacy stood on Discipleship through the teaching of the undiluted Word of God. Parents, House Fellowship leaders, Sunday School Teachers who wish to set questions for Life Game may sign up to provide content. Past Questions on Bishop Kola Onaolapo annual Quiz Competition in partnership with Bible Society of Nigeria are available by default on Life Game. Increase your chance of winning great prizes by practising.

I'm here

If you have ever had problems connecting with someone especially in a strange land, you'll appreciate I'm here app. Simply share your location with someone to pick you up or join you in a meeting. Use it also when in emergency and need help. It is free to use.

Community Alert

We are working with the Police to protect you and your properties.


Energy Calculator is an indispensable tool for Engineers, Technicians, Energy Providers and Consumers. It currently consist of 2 modules: Power Calculator and Power Factor Correction. 

Enjoy. It is free.


Fuel is here is a smart location based Petroleum Products Management and Distribution tool for the oil and gas industry.  Customers using the user’s license version of the application will be able to rate station based on quality of service. Users are alerted on availability of fuel with ratings of each stations and prices of products displayed. This information is also available on map so users can decide where to buy products based on quality of service, price and proximity.


You can post your properties and get connected to real buyers, Hotel Managers may post available rooms and get reservations. With 2let, Hospitality and Properties business may be taken to the next level for a token. The default user license is free for customers. Only Managers license users can post properties after agreement with our terms and conditions. 

Car tracking

Using the latest technology and custom software development, we know how best to secure your properties.
Let us track your cars so you can go to sleep.

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