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Anti-abduction & Anti-theft app

This is a phone call application designed for use in emergency. It can also serve as anti-abduction and anti-theft app if used by an unauthorized person. This app no longer report to your email. Henceforth, you will only be able to access your phone from here by entering IMEI and password. You will also be able to PUSH message to your phone and prompt a call.


1. Register your phone

2. Install Phone App

Click install button below to remotely install phone application to your android phone or tablet or scan the qr code to install directly.

Download & Install

3. Activate Phone

4. Track your phone & see location on Map

5. Push Message to your Phone & prompt a call

6. Subscribe

You will only be able to try phone for 7 days. It will not report data untill you subscribe. In addition to location information and report here, phone will send location information by SMS to your next of kin(Available only in Pro). In this way, you'll be connected to your phone even when your SIM card has been changed(The SIM number on the phone is the senders number which can be used to aprehend the the thief by the GSM service provider. Subscription is NGN 2,000.00 or USD 5.00 only per year only.

Subscribe(NGN) Subscribe(USD)

Community Alert

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We just partnered with Security Agencies to protect you.


Traffic live

Traffic live is a smart, interactive and dynamic community traffic reporting app that promises to tackle traffic gridlocks in African cities. With 'Traffic live', you can now beat traffic, get ahead of others to Work and drive back home without stress. 



This application is about efficient and assisted energy use in Nigeria by It makes case for Power factor correction policy and provides tools for power installation analysis, calculation of savings on power factor correction, and connecting consumers to technical, supplies and installation support. 


2let Property App

House and room to let, rent or lease, landed property for sale app. Post availability instantly and wait while this same app connect customers to you. This app is for hoteliers, housing estate agents, off-campus students and travelers.

NGN 2,000 per year
USD 5.00 per year
  • FREE to try 
Traffic live
FREE per year
  • Smart Buttons: 30 days trial
  • Redemption:NGN 2,000 per year
FREE per year
  • PFC Training & Expert license:
  • NGN 100.000
Free per year
  •  Training & Electrician license: 
  • NGN 30,000
Fuel is here Station license
NGN 10,000  per year
  • Training & license 
Fuel is here Customer license
  • Find closest fuel station
  • Hardware: NGN 25.000
App: Free
  • Reservation: 10%